Thursday, November 27, 2008

Essential reading....

The Suburbs March On and On...

The fact that Parkland has such wealthy and well-connected owners and agents should give us pause. We reward those who can sell as many mortgages no matter the outcome. We shipped those mortgages off to ends of the earth and now we are dealing with an international crisis.

We are seeing the results of this process across the world. Bailouts come every day, we are above four trillion dollars. Entire neighborhoods in California, Florida, and Nevada sit empty.

Closer to home, we have a UDB line which has served our community well. It would be foolish to reward speculators with ANOTHER bailout (which is what allowing Parkland to be built would be, in my opinion).

Monday, November 24, 2008

One Parkland is ENOUGH!

The city of Parkland, very sensibly, does not welcome the idea of a second Parkland.

From the article:

"We want to maintain our brand," said Parkland Mayor Michael Udine. "There's a uniqueness to the city of Parkland and we want to preserve that and we don't want to water down our city's identity."

South Florida can not absorb thousands of new homes. Economically and environmentally it would be a disaster.

By the way, 7000 homes is NOT A neighborhood. It is a disaster.

My daily progress...

I've been writing the County Commissioners one by one. Tonight I will also write to the Mayor. We have to defeat the corruption!

I'm proud that I've been picked up by many Google searches! We are getting out the word!

I need your help! Let's win this!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Check out the shirt I just made:

I was considering applying any revenue from its sale towards Google Adwords to educate more about the Parkland debacle.

Buy a couple of shirts and make some of your own on Zazzle!

He who predicted the economic collapse...

We had a phony economy.

Building homes makes jobs! Selling homes makes jobs! An economy based on real estate was doomed to fail.

How much worse will it get? Someone needs to tell the phonies at Lennar that it's almost 2009 not 2005.

Great video!

I talk to a number of educated people about Parkland and they almost all agree it couldn't possibly pass! They try to reassure me that the UDB is still sacred.

So it's a small group of us that meet at the Audubon house. We follow and show up at the community council meetings.

What is the possibility of this passing? Could the monstrosity known as Parkland actually pass?

Obviously, I'm terrified of the idea. From what I know of the big money behind Parkland, I think it's a possibility.


Friday, November 14, 2008

We need action!

Domingo Castillo
Council Chairman - Miami

West Kendall Community Council District 11
14821 SW 169th Lane
Miami, FL 33187
Phone: (305) 375-2800

Anyone know the correct info for Domingo Castillo??

We need to let him know that we don't appreciate the way he hurried the citizens speaking against Parkland but extended the time for those speaking in favor of it. At least he didn't fall asleep I suppose.